Thursday 18 July 2019

Recipe: eggsagne

Ingredients for one:

250ml portion of spicy mince (any kind will work)
one egg
spray oil
two wedges of extra light cheese spread (I used Laughing Cow) - two syns or a third of a healthy extra A
40g light cheddar, grated (or 30g of the normal kind) - one healthy extra A

You also need a crumpet ring, lined with parchment

Preheat the oven to 180C
Break the egg into a bowl and season.  Whisk well.  Using a mini egg pan and a few sprays of oil, make 5 omelettes, each using one tbsp of whisked egg.  Set them aside on something non stick.

Open the cheese wedges and cut each one in half.

Line the crumpet ring with parchment and place on a baking tray also covered with parchment.  Not a pretty sight but there's absolutely no sticking if you use the parchment.

Place one mini omelette in the bottom of the ring.

Then break one half cheese segment into small bits (about four bits) and dot them around the omelette.  Spoon over a quarter of the mince (it needs to be quite thick - if it's a bit watery, let it simmer until the extra liquid has evaporated or add some tomato puree).
Then continue layering with omelette, cheese spread, mince until there are four layers of each, finishing off with one last omelette.  Sprinkle the grated cheddar over the top.

Cover the eggsagne with foil or an oven-proof saucepan lid and bake for fifteen minutes covered and ten to fifteen minutes uncovered.  It's done when it's piping hot and the cheese has melted.

Carefully lift off the crumpet ring (it should just lift up easily but will be very hot) and slide the eggsagne off the parchment onto your plate.  Serve with whatever you fancy - I had coleslaw and tomatoes.

Spicy mince - I always make a big batch, loaded with veg, often with added lentils and some oats, always with canned chopped tomatoes, spice of some kind, herbs, stock, whatever I fancy really, as long as it is SW friendly.  My Instant Pot is great for this, using the slow cooked function.
I then cool it and decant it into some little pots I have that each hold 250mls which, for me is perfect for one portion.
Alternatively, you could use tinned mince or even pulses, chicken or beef in a sauce - just mush it down a bit.

This uses one and a third healthy extra As and is suitable if you are having an SP day - just don't have it with chips!


  1. Hi Joy, eggsagne sounds rather good, I must try it. You sound as though you're having a very focussed go at dealing with post holiday. Good luck tonight (Thursday). I'm on hols at the moment and blissfully muddling the days. Home very late tomorrow, Friday, and weigh in Tuesday evening. The head at the school I used to wok in is retiring this term so its afternoon tea at a lovely posh hotel on Monday so hey ho got to enjoy that too then back on it is the plan x

    1. I'm doing my best although I had a little (er - big) blip after weigh in yesterday. Have a lovely time at your celebrations - the other will still be there afterwards, after all!

  2. Hi Joy, hope tonight is not too bad for you but main thing is that you enjoyed your holiday. Can I ask if you mind putting a link to your Eggsagne recipe to my SW closed Facebook group? They were very interested in the recipe. Completely understand if you'd rather I didn't, I could copy the recipe without linking to your blog. x

  3. Sorry I meant for me to post a link not you.

    1. Please, feel free to link, Lyn. I hope your members like it.
      I'd be interested in joining your group, if you'd be OK with that.

  4. Thanks, Joy. I think our group is only for the group members, the consultant is the moderator, if that's the right term but I will ask her. Does your group have a FB page?

  5. Ah, gotcha. I thought it was a group you ran, sorry. You're right, I won't be able to join and yes, I do contribute to our local FB group.