Tuesday 16 July 2019

Tuesday, 16-07-19

Good morning!

Yesterday's photo diary:
Ooops - I forgot to take the breakfast photo until . . .

(it was nice though!)

Lunch was very satisfying  Those M&S skinnyburgers are nice (and, at zero syns, I thoroughly recommend them) and the bit of bacon and the mushrooms upped the flavour.  To get some 'substance' into the roll, I spray the cut edges with fry light and then pop them, cut side down in the pan at the end.  They crisp up nicely without using loads of extra oil and it stops the bun going soggy.

It's amazing how far two eggs, some cheese and a bit of veg can go.  I softened onion in spray oil, added yellow pepper, one chopped mushroom and ine slice of ham, cut into bits.  I whisked two eggs with a bit of quark, seasonings and 20g grated light cheddar.
The veg went into an oil sprayed ovenproof dish, then I poured in the egg/cheese mix and topped with another 20g of light cheddar before baking at 170C for about twenty minutes or so.
I had intended to have the lot but, what with the salad veg, coleslaw and potatoes, half was more than enough, so I'm having the other half for lunch today.  Dessert was a lemon and lime sugar free jelly with some yogurt sweetened with stevia and it was gorgeous.  It all was, in fact.
Just to cap it, the cucumber is my very first ever garden grown cucumber - mmmmmmmmm.
A very frugal meal really.

Today's plans are:
B:  chocolate waffles with fruit and yogurt
Yes, chocolate!  Morrisons cocoa powder is just half a syn per level tsp and I tracked down some chocolate essence which is free so I will give it a go and see.  I'll let you know - it might be nasty! 
(not my idea, I saw it on the Pinch of Nom Facebook group)
SW:  40g oats are one healthy extra B and two level tsps of cocoa is one syn

L:  quiche and salad.
As dinner yesterday.  In fact, I even have one cooked potato left so will have that too.
SW:  hmmm - one isn't supposed to carry syns over so I will say half a healthy extra A for the cheese and one syn for some salad dressing

D:  slow cooked lamb leg steak with a selection of vegetables (I have carrots, beans, broccoli and parsnips); jelly and yogurt
I just mix a bit of stock with a bit of water in a small roasting dish, lay in the leg steak, cover it with foil and let it roast for a couple of hours, quite low, checking now and again that it hasn't dried out.  It ends up melt in the mouth.  If I have mint sauce, I will make it with mint from the garden, balsamic vinegar and maybe a bit of stevia.  The dessert is the other half of the jelly I made yesterday.
The lamb makes it not a cheap meal but I used the left over holiday money to buy a bit of lamb because it really is a very costly meat, sadly.  I look upon it as an occasional treat.
SW:  three quarters of a syn for the jelly.

Ss:  fruit and water

Body Magic:  a walk.

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