Wednesday 24 July 2019

Recipe: easier banana oat pancakes

I posted a recipe for banana oat pancakes here but today I made an easier version that needed an egg and they really delicious (not to mention more frugal with fewer ingredients) so . . . here we go.

Ingredients to make five little pancakes (American pancake sized)
40g oats
one egg
one banana
half to one tsp baking powder (how puffy do you want them?)

Put everything together in a bowl and zizz with a hand blender (or do it in a food blender).  Or leave out the baking powder and make it earlier, then add the baking powder at the last minute.

Spray a non stick pan with oil and heat it.  When hot, pour in small ladlefuls of batter (my little ladle is about 50 mls) and cook on one side.  When they are turnable, flip them over and cook the other side.
Remove to a plate and keep warm, respray the pan and do the rest.

Serve with whatever you like.  I had berries and yogurt.  Maple syrup or honey would be nice too.

No photo but I will try to remember to take one next time I make them - no promises though.


  1. That is definitely going to be my breakfast tomorrow morning.