Thursday 25 July 2019

Thursday: 25-07-19

Good morning!

Today's fairly provisional food plans (as my guest is still asleep and I haven't discussed it with her) are:
B:  Fruit and yogurt
SW:  free

L:  chicken salad for me; frittata and salad for her
I've taken a chicken breast from the freezer and I will bake it in foil and have it cold.  Much nicer than sliced cold meat from the deli and enough for two days/meals
SW:  two syns at the most for any mayo/salad dressing

D:  This I am really not sure about.  It might be tuna mayo jacket with yet more salad.  I will see what Al says so it might very well change.
SW:  syns for salad dressing, if that's what we have.

Ss:  cold water and lots of it.

Body Magic:  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . .
Stay cool and as comfy as possible, everyone.

Meal planning will be back to normal tomorrow and, hopefully, it will be ditto for the weather.

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