Monday 29 July 2019

Monday, 29-07-19

Good morning!
Yesterday's photo diary:
Breakfast, and very nice it was too.  These oat waffles are filling and sarisfying.

Lunch (sticky chicken)  satisfied the old taste buds as well as filling me up for the afternoon.
I've now posted the recipe separately.

And I've also posted about the cajun steak sticky rice separately with a link to the original recipe as it was very, very good indeed.

In fact, the whole day's eating was great!

Today's plans and it's back on SP (more or less) for a few days.
B:  two boiled eggs and an apple
Just what it says and very nice too.
SW:  free

L:  tuna cheese mayo and a salad
Simple and quick.  I just drain a can of tuna, mash it with two tbsp superlight mayo and then stir in some grated cheese and I might also add a little bit of curry paste too.  I think I will pile it on lettuce 'cups'.   There will be plenty of cucumber in the salad as I have had to pick two more from the garden.  If you leave them on the plant, the seeds start to enlarge and and harden and I am not so keen on them like that.  They're OK but could be nicer!
SW:  one healthy extra A for the cheese and one syn for the mayo.

D:  cheesy chicken, side veg; fruit and natural yogurt
I will just stirfry onion, mushroom, pepper and chicken chunks and when they're all cooked I will add  and melt 75g Primula light and serve it with runner beans and broccoli.  Tasty and healthy, it's something I used to make anyway, well before gall bladder, Slimming World, rode over the horizon
SW:  one healthy extra A for the soft cheese

Ss:  Water

I have been working on the SP links (see the list of pages at the top right) and have more links added now.  I'm using it quite a lot myself when I go SP.  It's not totally completed but please do take a look.  For some reason, it's not showing as a tab which is a shame.


  1. Morning Joy, all yesterday's food looks gorgeous. I will definitely be doing the sticky chicken, thank you. xx

    1. Morning, Sooze! I'm sure you will like the sticky chicken. Another addition is some lemon or lime juice. As long as you use the honey, it will be sticky.
      I wonder what maple syrup would be like instead? Must give it a go and see.