Tuesday 9 July 2019

Tuesday, 09-07-19

Good morning!

Well, yesterday ended up a bit of a food disaster after a SW perfect breakfast and lunch.  Did I enjoy it?  Well, yes, at the time, but the enjoyment doesn't last and now I'm not feeling great about it. 
I am just ruling that line under it, I'm on holiday after all, today is another day and all that!

The breakfast bacon and egg roll was jolly tasty, I have to say, although yes, the roll is bigger than the statutory SW-permitted one, but I couldn't find any smaller ones and didn't want to get a whole loaf.

The crustless quiche was also very tasty (forgot to take another photo)
However, dinner didn't happen, not in any planned way, so I have that for today!

Here's today's plans.
B:  fresh fruit and a yogurt
. . . because that is what I have in this little appartment.
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt

L:  chicken salad roll
SW:  one healthy extra B for the roll and one syn for a laughing cow wedge instead of butter

D:  as yesterday - halloumi with salad and new potatoes
SW:  both healthy extra As for the cheese plus a few syns for the salad dressing

Ss:  water

Body Magic:  more walking.  I'm feeling a bit stiff with all the extra walking I'm doing this week which really has to be a Very Good Thing.

Timing is a bit iffy today as I have a booked tour thingy at twelve.  I'll have my breakfast later, maybe around ten, if I can wait that long, lunch around two thirty and then dinner maybe around seven-ish.  One thing I am determined on and that is NO NIBBLING and NO NAUGHTIES!  Yes, it feels worth it at the time but not afterwards!

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