Saturday 27 July 2019

Saturday, 27-07-19

Good morning.
I remembered to take a few photos yesterday.
Here's lunch; wrap pizza and salad and the drink is diet coke.  I haven't had a wrap pizza for ages and it was lovely.  The tomatoes and the cucumber in the salad were garden grown so, obviously, extra specially good for me!

Dinner was simple.  Salmon, chips and a sort of pickled salad.  I cut some tomatoes in half, thinly shredded a bit of carrot and finely sliced a bit of onion before mixing them with one tbsp each of balsamic vinegar and soy sauce.  It was really tasty and the residual vinegar liquid went surprisingly well with the salmon.

Additional to my plans, I also had wo Hi Fi bars for six syns.

Here's the SW friendly plans for today.
B:  a cooked breakfast . . .
. . . consisting of tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, egg and a potato waffle.  I haven't had a SW cooked breakfast for ages and I'm really looking forward to it.
The bacon is part of a lot I got on special, brought home and de-fatted before freezing.  Sometimes it's cheaper to buy the medallions and sometimes to buy back bacon and trim.  This lot was particularly lean so there wasn't much fat to cut off, I remember.
SW:  the waffle is two syns and I will toast it so no added fat.

L:  tuna mayo salad wrap
Just what the label says, mix a small can of tuna with some mayo and make the wrap.  I'll have more salad on the side too
SW:  the wrap is a healthy extra B, the mayo will be a maximum of two syns and if I have cheese, that will be a healthy extra A

D:  Cajun steak dirty rice, fruit and natural yogurt
This is a Chubby Cubs recipe, found here.  I will use one of my sizzle steaks and one of my bags of posh rice (half a bag, I mean) to glam it up a bit and I have all the ingredients in the house already.  I do try to pick recipes for which there's no need to get anything (much) new or with easily substitutable items.
It should be nice.  If you've not come across their website, just to say it's somewhat 'earthy' in nature, they can be extremely funny and their recipes are great.  They take something of a pragmatic attitude to the SW regime with plenty of application of common sense and big flavours.  They have a successful history of weight loss with SW and were on 'This Time Next Year' when they lost a huge amount of weight in the year.
(and they're bringing out a cook book in the New Year)
SW:  all the ingredients are SW free, which is great, although subbing the posh rice will add two syns (well worth it).  If I add some grated cheese, that's my other heathy A.

Ss:  water, fruit and, after totting up my syns, maybe a couple of hi fi bars for six syns.

BM:  definitely a walk today.  I might take the car down to one of the parks in town and have a meander around there.  Weather permitting, of course - and it's looking very like rain right now.

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