Saturday 13 July 2019

Recipe: banana-oat pancakes

I made these because I fancied pancakes on holiday, had the oats but had run out of eggs.  I wasn't going to buy another half dozen eggs on the last dawa but one banana is a different matter.
It would be a great way to use up a banana (or part of one) gone mushy; in fact, the softer the better (within reason).

When you cook them, they're not like ordinary pancakes - fast and furious.  These need to be done slowly so that the batter cooks right through before the outside browns too much.  Before that happens, they are very difficult (impossible?) to flip over anyway!

Pancakes are frugal things anyway and these are about par for the course really.  They work with Slimming World and do make a tasty and filling meal.

Ingredients to make a good serving for one as in the photo:
40g oats, zizzed to flour
80g banana (I ate the rest but you could slice it to top the pancakes)
100g natural yogurt
10 mls stevia or other sweetener (or to taste)
a splash of milk if needed
half tsp baking powder
Fry light spray oil.  I used the butter version.
(you could also add some vanilla paste/essence for extra flavour)

Using a good, non stick frying pan, spray it lightly with Fry Light and place on a low to medium heat to warm thoroughly.
Place all the ingredients in a suitable container and blend together using a stick blender (or place in an electric blender).
When the pan is ready, pour in small ladlefuls of the batter (they should be about the size of a crumpet or Scotch pancake) and leave them to cook through for about five minutes.  You will know when they are ready to flip over because the top is setting.  Give them a shake - they should slide over a bit.  If not, give them a few more minutes and try again, maybe using a slice to help.
Flip the pancakes over carefully and leave for about three minutes for the other side to brown.
Carefully remove from the pan and keep them warm while you respray the pan and do the next lot.

One lot of batter as above made five pancakes for me and they were delicious with caramel syrup (Monin, sugar free), blueberries and raspberries.  They would also be nice with ice cream (syn it) or natural/flavoured yogurt.

SW info:
one healthy extra B for the oats (or seven syns)
semi skimmed is two and a half syns per 100mls - or use as part of a healthy extra A
all the other ingredients are 'free'
the banana makes this unsuitable for SP - use an egg instead

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