Friday 12 July 2019

Friday, 12-07-19

Good morning.

Today, last day of my holiday, I had grandiose plans for going totally off Slimming World, just for one day, but now I am here I find that I don't really want to!! Interesting.

B:  I didn't want the breakfast I had planned yesterday so I will have it today instead - bacon, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes.
SW free

L:  I have some oats left over so I might make banana oat pancakes (without egg as I won't hgave any left) and have them with fruit, yogurt and a drizzle of caramel syrup.   Well, I'll give them a go and if they don't work, tough, but they should.  I've made them before
SW:  one heB for the oats (if it works) and if I have less than 1 tbsp of the syrup, I don't need to syn it.  Ditto with stevia.

D:  It HAS to be fish and chips, doesn't it?  Plus when I did an Adnams brewery tour earlier in the week, I came away with a voucher for a free beer or lager from their shop so I'll have that too, thank you very much.
SW:  haven't the foggiest and don't really care either! 
I read somewhere, someone gloating that you CAN have fish and chips on SW - all you need to do is swap the chips for mushy peas and take off (and throw away!!!!) all that golden, crunchy batter. 
Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!  That's not fish and chips!
Actually, you can.  Use breadcrumbs from your healthy extra B or syn them if you want white breadcrumbs and make chips the SW way.  It's nice but it's not the same as the chippy variety.

One of the effects of having a takeaway this evening is that I can get pretty much all the kitchen stuff/food packed and into the car at a leisurely pace this afternoon rather than either spoiling the evening or rushing tomorrow morning.

I'ver been thinking about the next six days.  Amazingly, I do have a bit of 'spending' money left over and, while I could pop it back into savings again, I thought I might treat myself to a few food treats - and by that I don't mean caviare and truffles, I mean, for example, a few lamb leg steaks.  I love them but they are terribly expensive.
It's been a great holiday but not a good week in SW terms, despite some good intentions.  It could have been worse though, had I not started with good intentions!
As from tomorrow, I am back on SP for six days and have started planning accordingly.  I find planning pretty good fun, especially as I have two aims - to be healthy within SW expectations and to keep it frugal (mostly!).  I like a challenge.
So, one more day of comparative indulgence and then back to normal again!

I may not post until tomorrow afternoon, just to let you know.


  1. Sounds like a good plan for your spending money (well done on having some left over, by the way), I love lamb steaks. Why is lamb so expensive, I's not like we have a sheep shortage in this country?! I know farmers need their money, but it's the shops that make the profit, not the farmers! And fish and chips without chips and without the batter?! How ridiculous! xx

    1. Just what I thought too!
      Free range always seems more costly than intensively reared and sheep can't be intensively reared (thank goodness) so I guess that's why.
      Lamb steaks are a real favourite and I'm lookijg forward to having a few in the freezer and ready to use.