Tuesday 30 July 2019

Tuesday, 30-07-19

Good morning!

I didn't take any photos of breakfast - nothing special about two boiled eggs, is there?

Lunch was good and filling.  My own cucumber and tomatoes (some of them) and the whole thing was loaded with speed.  A good SW lunch.

Dinner was cheesy chicken with broccoli and runner beans and I have posted separately about it.

Today's menu plans are:
B:  fruit and natural yogurt
SW: free

L:  Alex (grandson) is taking me to the Flyer (a local place that does Hungry Horse meals) so I will stick to something from the range that optimistically proclaims 'Under 600 calories' - probably something chicken-y.  If the Flyer is closed for food (it was last time), we'll go the The Hare instead and I will have a light something.  How I wish there was somewhere that did proper, healthy, calorie counted meals.  After all, there are plenty of things one can make.

D:  jumbo carrot patty with egg and salad or green veg
This is from the SW recipe book, SP sensations and I'll let you know.  I want it to be quite light because of lunch probably not being so.  I have some veg left over from yesterday so might use that or I might save it for a frittata and have a salad instead.  We will see.
SW:  free unless I have some mayo with the salad

Ss:  water, fruit

Blog news
I did a bit more work on this blog yesterday and have worked out how to have all the pages as tabs under the title as well as on the right hand side; like all these things, it was simple when you know how.  Today I'll finish adding any more SP recipes to the SP page and then it's just a question of keeping it all up each time I post a recipe.
So if you want to find a recipe, they should help.


  1. Morning Joy, having just read today's (Thurs) blog, I just looked back here to see what your dinner was, and realised I'd forgotten to comment to say thank you for the recipe links in the tabs above. Very helpful, thank you so much. Was the carrot patty good (it looks nice) and will you be giving the recipe? xx

    1. It was very nice. I'm on rather dodgy ground putting the recipe out in public because of copyright but will just say it was roasted carrot, spring onion, saome cooked and leftover broccoli, garlic granules, a bit of seasoning and half a beaten egg, all mooshed together, shaped into a patty, sprayed and baked in a moderate oven until crispy round the edges.

      Might send you an email, maybe.