Wednesday 4 September 2019

Recipe: a quick and easy salsa

This is another one I got from the fabulous BBC Good Food site.

I adapted it by adding some peeled and finely chopped cucumber and some finely chopped chilli and I used garlic granules rather than a clove.  It was gorgeous - really fresh and tang and with a super flavour.  The tomatoes were juicy and it ended up a bit wet so next time I will strain them before adding everything else.

How to peel tomatoes easily.
This works for me.

Place your tomatoes in a small bowl (if you have loads, do them in three or four lots).
Cover them with boiling water.
Coiunt to twenty.
Immediately, strain them and dunk them in cold water (to prevent the flesh from starting to go mushy).
The skins should slip off without any trouble.  I use my fingers.

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