Tuesday 20 November 2018

Recipe: salmon curry in a hurry

I really wasn't sure about this one but, with the changes I had to make, it was absolutely scrumptious and I will definitely make it again, next time I want a treat meal
I can't give you the link to the original recipe - well, I can but unless you can log on, you won't get the recipe.  However, I think I changed it enough to be able to give what I did.

Ingredients for a really good portion for one - no need for rice.
fry light or similar
1 smallish onion, peeled, halved and sliced
some red and/or yellow pepper, deseeded and sliced
a good sized mushroom, sliced
a squidge of garlic puree
half tsp tikka seasoning
a grinding of black pepper
quarter tsp ground ginger
200g chopped tomatoes
a heaped tsp vegetable stock powder (I use Marigold)
250g piece of salmon fillet, skinned and cut into chunks

Spray a wok with fry light - I used the butter version - and gently fry the onion until starting to soften.  Add the pepper and mushroom and continue to fry gently.
Increase the heat, add the spices and the garlic and mix well.
Add the chopped tomatoes and the stock powder with a splash of boiling water.  When it is simmering, add the chunks of salmon and gently simmer until the salmon is cooked and tender, adding a bit more water if it seems to be drying up.

Serve immediately.

If you had rice, it would serve two.  Without rice, it's a very filling single portion.

Not cheap though!


  1. Hi Joy, this sounds lovely and I have some salmon in the freezer so will give it a try. Is 'woog' chopped tomatoes 200g please?

    1. 'woog'???? Ooops-a-daisy, I will go and edit this. Yes, it is. Sorreeeeee . . .