Friday 9 November 2018

Friday, 09-11-18

Good morning!

Last night was better than last week.  A pound and a half off, I got my Club Ten award (for losing 10% of body weight since starting there) and, just to cap it all, I won one of the raffles and came home with a collection of free and low syn goodies that will help with the frugality this week!  I'm now three pounds off the next half stone certificate so that's the next target.

The chick peas are now done and ready to see the inside of the freezer!  Kidney beans next and these will need some hard boiling, after soaking, before going into the slow cooker.

Today's plans:
B:  bacon, egg and home made sausage; apple or orange
I would say this is a middle cost meal but all the protein will be very sustaining so I can live with that!
SW:  free

L:  I had planned yogurt and fruit but Beth (daughter) will be here so I might make a nice bean and veg soup instead.
This will be frugal.  It doesn't take a huge amount of veg by the time it's all cubed up and the beans will be from a can of mixed beans I won last night!  It's also dead easy.
SW:  free unless I add some grated cheese; if I do that will be my healthy extra A

D:  this is tricky as I am out for a 'do' at school and have no idea what sort of stuff they will have.  I know it's not far to walk but I will drive as it will be dark and also it will keep me off the alcohol!  If I don't have much there, there will be some bean soup waiting at home as I intend making a nice big pot of it.
SW:  it might be free or it might not and I have no idea how it will work with the SW plan.  Fingers crossed.


  1. Morning Joy. Very well done on the weight loss, you're doing brilliantly, I'm so happy for you. Oh, and congrats on winning the raffle, free food is always welcome! I'm only recently discovering that a tin of baked beans or butterbeans stirred into soups and then whizzed (we like smooth thick soups) stretches the quantity, thickens it beautifully, adds extra veg and makes it extra creamy.

    1. Oh, they really do. They make a huge difference to the texture as well as being tasty and increasing the protein and fibre content. SUper-foods!
      Thanks, Sooze. There's a way to go yet and encouragement is not only sweet, it is also motivating. You've been a great encourager and I'm so grateful.

  2. Oh well done, you! That is amazing! I am really liking the Pinch of Nom site (you're right about those ads!) so thanks for telling us about it. I am 12lbs down from starting on 16th September - 7lbs left to go by Christmas. Let's do this!

    1. That's amazing too. You will do it, I am absolutely sure. Fantastic.
      Yes, PoN is extremely helpful and their recipes work pretty well. I suppose they have to make a living and ads can help with that. Better than us having to pay anyway. Scrolling down is easy enough.
      And thanks for commenting!