Monday, 26 November 2018

Monday, 26-11-18

Good morning!
I was quite disappointed yesterday - I couldn't find the YS fillet steak in the freezer.  Time for another tidy up at some point, I think, because I know it is there, somewhere.
Fortunately, I found some flat iron steak so I had that instead and, smothered with my mushroom sauce, it was very good indeed, much nicer than it looks in the photo.

Today's plans:
B:  bacon, egg, tomatoes and mushroom
Not particularly frugal, not expensive, just middle of the road
SW: free

L:  I made lots of bean and veg soup yesterday so it's more of that with some bread to dunk.  Really great value and big flavour, even better second day.
SW:  healthy extra B for the bread

D:  curried chicken and cauliflower bake
Postponed from last week.  I think I shall add some sprouts to the mix too as they are supposed to be delicious roasted.
SW:  free

Ss:  fruit, hot milk
SW:  the milk will be my healthy extra A


  1. Love the sound of the curried chicken and cauliflower bake. Is it an SW recipe?

    1. Yes, it is. I'm looking forward to it quite a lot. :-)