Friday 16 November 2018

Friday, 16-11-18

Good morning.

One and a half pounds off again this week so three cheers.  If I lose the same this coming week I will hit my one and a half stone mark with SW.  Can't complain.

The dirty rice was really delicious although I changed the recipe rather, so I will post about it separately.
The choccy drink was likewise.  I bought some Sweet Freedom orange spice choc shot and used two tbsps of it (four syns) in 200mls milk, heated up.  It may be more 'expensive' (in syn terms) than the low calories choccy drinks but it was so, so much nicer.  I felt I'd had a real treat.

Today's plans:
B:  porridge, yogurt and fruit
My good old frugal fall back.  It feels chilly this morning so porridge is perfect.
SW:  half my healthy extra A and all my healthy extra B

L:  a home made soup
Probably roasted and spicy butternut squash but I just have to check the fridge to see what needs using up.
SW:  free

D:  not sure - probably something fishy.  I have to see what Mum and Dad have in their freezer and fridge.

Ss:  trying for none today.

And now I must plan the food for the coming week . . . I may be gone some time!  :-)


  1. Well done Joy. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thanks, Sooze. I'm sure I will. You too.

  2. Afternoon Joy

    Wow.. well done on losing a stone and a half! You must be really chuffed with yourself. I think getting organised is the key - writing shopping lists, keeping track of what is in the fridge/freezer and cupboards, and organising meals, either early in the morning/night before or weekly.

    Have a good day.