Friday 2 November 2018

Friday, 02-11-18

Good morning.

First the bad news . . . half a pound on.  Ooooops!

And the good news . . . that'll be gone by next week for sure!  I shall make sure of it.

As usual, it's the weekend that is the root cause.  Weekends are tricky because I'm not at home one out of two.  I should be OK at my parents' and that's the bit I need to work on because I get all nibbly and drinky.  The occasional going away is just one of those things and that's what last weekend was - just one of those things.

The other good news is that on my own scales (I still do my Friday morning weight as I have done since this whole gall bladder/weight loss started) and comparing with last Friday morning, it shows a pound loss!  So there you go!  It will all even out in the longer term.

Today's plans
B:  another cooked breakfast - bacon, egg, mushroom and tomato
The bacon was on offer and the tomatoes are from the garden.
SW:  free

L:  cheese and onion toastie and salad
I got some more wholemeal on YS so it's now in the freezer.  As Tesco says, every little helps!  How true.  Whenever I go looking for yellow sticker bread, there's always some wholemeal there.  Works for me!
SW:  the cheese is my healthy extra A and the bread is my B.  I'm synning 25g cheese spread (two syns) for the inside of the toastie and adding some brown sauce for half a syn.

D:  salmon, potatoes and veg.  I'm not sure exactly what veg yet.
Baked salmon is a favourite dinner.  I just wrap the salmon up in foil, sometimes adding some citrus and some spices, and bake in the oven while the chips or whatever are finishing.  It only takes 15 mins or so and comes out deliciously.
SW:  I sometimes have a bit of seafood sauce to have with it but maybe not this evening.

Snacks will be fruit and maybe a fruit yogurt

I've set myself a target for this month.  I want to lose eight pounds in November.  There, I've declared it so I have to now < grin >.

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