Wednesday 7 November 2018

Wednesday, 07-11-18

Good morning.  :-)
The cheesy broccoli soup yesterday was so very good, I have posted about it separately.  It would also be nice using cauliflower or a mix of both and the cheesiness was satisfyingly pronounced.  I definitely had my cheese hit!
Ditto for the Spanish cauliflower rice.  I had not great expectations of this and it looked most unappealing as you can see from the photo on the recipe post but the flavour was great and I will make it again.  Stir frying seems to minimise the strong cauliflower flavour and it takes on board other flavours you add.  I am wondering about trying a Chinese based one next.

Today's plans:
B:  bacon, egg, potato waffle and mushrooms
I will get back to the oat-based breakfasts soon but right now I find the bacon and egg really fills me up.
SW:  one syn for the potato waffle

L:  cheesy broccoli soup, apple
Leftovers from yesterday's lovely lunch.
SW:   healthy extra A for the cheesy part and the added milk - it's not really as much as that but I think it totals more than half so let's call it the whole extra

D:  garlic, lemon and parsley chicken goujons, SW chips, side salad
I will need to zizz some bread for breadcrumbs but I won't use the lot on this.  I shall freeze the rest for another time.
SW  half a healthy extra B for the breadcrumbs (if that) and I might have some mayo too - that will be one syn for two level tbsp of the lighter than light stuff.

S:  trying for none

I was of butter beans so yesterday I soaked a pack and cooked them overnight in my slow cooker - they're really a bit too soft right now but will be fine for mushing into burgers or for soup and I must remember to set a shorter time next time.  When they are cooled I will open freeze them before bagging them so they are free-flow.  A few added to a soup ups the protein and the fibre and imparts a lovely creamy texture when you zizz the soup so I always like having some available.  Making them from a pack of dried beans is by far the most frugal way to go.
Just remember that you can cook pulses in a slow cooker BUT kidney beans need ten or so minutes of hard boiling in a pan to destroy enzymes that could otherwise give you quite a sore tum.

Pulses are great on Slimming World.  They are free food and so very good for you.  It's worth keeping some supplies in.


  1. After being made to eat butter beans regularly as a child and really disliking them (in those days you had to have an empty plate at every meal time or you would upset the 'starving children in Africa'), I'm not really that keen on them now, but I do agree they make soups taste delicious, so I've nearly always got a small tin in the cupboard for adding to homemade soups.

    1. I'm rather fond of them, actually. I was lucky and never got the 'starving children' thing.