Saturday 24 November 2018

Saturday, 24-11-18

Good morning!
First of all, the dirty fries were delicious yesterday so here's the recipe.  As always with this site, scroll down past the adverts.

I made the cajun seasoning from this recipe.

I've taken to making my own spice mix as I have such a range of single spices that just don't get used.  There's loads of recipes out there and it is so very easy to do.

The other day I bought a turkey leg/thigh joint for just £3 and I need to cook it today.  I can see that turkey will be featuring in my recipes over the next days.  Lean and tasty, it's a good SW choice, I think, as well as being great value.  And all that good stock too!

It's great to have a weekend at home, knowing that I will be able to stay on plan more easily.
B:  porridge with cinnamon, blueberries and apple
The blueberries are from a bag of frozen ones from Aldi - better value by far than fresh ones.  I'll probably grate half the apple and have the other half as apple wedges.  Nice!
SW: the oats will be my healthy extra B and 100mls of milk will be two and a half syns

L:  turkey and veg soup
I've got into a pattern with these chunky soups.  I use a bit of onion, carrot, celery, potato, sweet potato and squash (the last two from bags in the freezer) plus some stock and some protein (beans or meat) and seasonings.  If I want a thicker base, I either zizz some of the veg or add a bit of orzo - the starch thickens it all up nicely.
It's very tasty and both warming and filling and it's a darn sight cheaper than those chunky soups you can buy in cans.
SW:  free

D:  I'm making a sort of macaroni cheese topping with turkey and veg (onion, pepper and muchroom) underneath and having that with sprouts and cabbage.  I might finish the meal with a yogurt
SW:  the dairylea for the sauce will be my healthy extra A and the yogurt 1 syn

I'm looking forward to today's food!

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