Thursday 8 November 2018

Thursday, 08-11-18

Good morning.

After Tuesday's success with the butter beans, I started another batch of pulses, this time chickpeas.  I hate being out of chickpeas and have only one little pot left.  I did the same thing, soaked them all yesterday and then forgot to slow cook them overnight.  So they are now on and slowly bubbling away!

I forgot to mention something I saw regarding butter beans.  As you boil them, even slowly, they are prone to 'explode' so that the skins split and the fluffy insides get mixed with the cooking water and drained away at the end.  However, if you add just a bit of salt to the cooking water (which you're not really supposed to do as it toughens the skins), it seems to prevent this from happening so the beans stay whole, even if they cook to very soft.  Useful to know.

I do like to have a supply of different pulses to hand.

Yesterday's dinner was tasty. . .

. . . so here's the recipe which I made with no changes apart from using dried parsley instead of fresh.

Today's plans:
B:  boiled eggs and toasty soldiers, maybe an apple too
I usually do two eggs and two small slices of toast.  A pretty frugal breakfast really, certainly under 40p and the bread is YS
SW:  the toast will be my healthy extra B

L:  fruit and yogurt
Probably an apple and an orange and some natural yogurt with stevia and a few blueberries thrown in.
SW:  free

D:  This will be after SW group so needs to be light or I won't sleep well.  I might as well finish off the leftovers from the chicken pasta I had last week as that will be quick and simple.
SW:  free

S:  none today

Weigh-in tonight!


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    1. Thanks, Sooze. I get a bit philosophical about it nowadays. What will be, will be. Apart from eating a bit lighter at lunchtime, I don't do anything else!