Friday 23 November 2018

Friday, 23-11-18

Good morning.
I was very pleased to be told I'd lost another pound and a half yesterday at group and I was given my stone and a half off award.  A great relief after such a naughty weekend.  Also, my BMI is closer to the healthy bvanding than it is to the obese one now.  All of that, plus having to buy smaller clothes this week, has made me very happy!

Today's plans:
B:  overnight oats with vanilla, cinnamon, pineapple and mango
Should taste lovely as well as being filling.  The fruit is - I mean was - frozen so quite economical as you don't need much and nothing is wasted.  It's also a lot easier with less mess!
SW:  half a healthy extra A

L:  the rest of the chicken and veg soup/casserole thingy I had after group yesterday.  It was really tasty for all it was so simple to make
Not all that expensive either, the chicken being the dearest part.
SW:  free

D:  Syn free dirty fries (a new one to try)
Sounds good, doesn't it.  It's SW chips with bacon, seasonings, onion, Lea and Perrins, peppers and cheese.  I think I will enjoy it.
SW:  There are some syns for the cheese and I will have to look it up as I can't remember.

Ss:  Mullerlight (one syn); fruit

This last week I was trying a mixed approach - Friday to Sunday on the normal programme and Monday to Thursday on the SP plan, slightly modified by yogurt (so I can't officially call it SP but never mind) and it's suited me very well so I will stick to it for a while.


  1. Good Morning "Skinny Minnie" :-D

    Fantastic news about the weight loss. Even a half pound weight loss is encouraging, so a pound and a half is huge. It really bucks you up and helps keep you to carry on with the new eating habits.

    Will go back now and read the rest of your 'news' - just wanted to congratulate you asap.

    Have a good day, Joy.

    Carol x

  2. Congratulations! Brilliant. It's amazing what a difference it makes. 2 months ago I bought a pair of Levi jeans from a charity shop thinking they looked huge but would risk it. Couldn't even get the zip and button done up and we won't mention the muffin top! Well, today I am wearing them and they are a touch loose. That is the difference a stone makes - amazing. Keep on inspiring me!