Monday, 5 November 2018

Monday, 05-11-18

Good morning!

For dinner in the end I made some chicken, veg and tomato mix and topped it with ,my cheesy pasta which might have been a bit cheesier than if I was making it just for me.  It was jolly delicious.  Mum and Dad loved it and, because I had made loads (as I do when I'm staying with them), there were three portions to pop in their freezer as well.  Excellent!

My plans today are . . .
B:  yogurt (because it needs using up) and fruit
Still visitor-frugal!
SW:  one and a half syns for the yogurts

L:  spicy sweet potato and butterbean soup
I have butterbeans in the freezer (must do some more) and some sweet potato that needs using up.  I shall do my usual onion, celery and carrot soup starter and probably use chicken stock.  I'll spice it up as without something it will probably taste a tad too sweet for me.
Most vegetables are not super-frugal but not costly either and this soup is no exception
SW: might add some cheese for my healthy extra A

D:  salt and pepper chicken, broccoli; fruit
I made the salt and pepper chips a week or so ago (I thought I posted about it separately but it seems I didn't) and thought then that it would be lovely with some chicken too.  I shall have to make up some more spice mix but that's OK, it's dead easy. 
I'll let you know how it goes.  The chicken wontt be cheap but the rest will be fine, cost-wise.
SW:  I think it's free but the actual recipe is at home so I will edit this when I know.

S:  aiming for none today

I see there's no healthy extra B - ooops!

Tomorrow the soup will be broccoli as I will be coming home with a stem.  Mum and Dad just chuck out the stem so I will make good use of it!  Really can't waste flavour like that, can I?

Thanks for the comments yesterday - do keep them rolling in.  :-)


  1. Morning Joy

    Just a quickie about using the stem of broccoli. I use frozen veg (as hubby doesn't eat veg - apart from peas and carrots) and use both broccoli and cauliflower. Keep them in a tub in the freezer and use them up when I have a soup session (forgot to do this when I made the pumpkin soup!).

    Have a good day.


    1. Excellent idea, thanks very much! Frozen veg (and fruit) are such useful tools, I think.

  2. I think you balance your intake pretty well, Joy. It concerns me that some frugal bloggers don't eat enough protein.
    Regarding Carol's comment above - I had some asparagus yesterday with very long stems, so I cut off about 3" of each and chopped it small, added it to my 'leftover veg' box in the freezer. When I have enough bits and pieces, I use it in either soup or a potato tortilla

    1. Meat protein can be extremely expensive which can be a problem but I love my pulses!
      Especially with chicken, I just take the bullet, so to speak, so that I can get kind chicken.
      I love your leftover veg box idea. But how do you make a potato tortilla, please (or do you mean the eggy kind)?

  3. Yes, eggy! Lots of veg in a dish (mushrooms and soft veg ok uncooked, harder ones need to be pre-cooked so leftovers fine. Boiled potatoes layered on bottom and top, pour beaten eggs over and bake.