Thursday 29 November 2018

Thursday, 29-11-18

Good morning!
Sometimes it's nice to have something simple amidst all there new SW friendly recipes I keep trying with varying degrees of liking.  Yesterday I simply wrapped up some salmon in foil and baked it while boiling up some sprouts and spray toasting some tomatoes and the results were delicious!

Today, I am having . . .
B:  bacon and tomato
As always, it's bacon medallions which is back bacon with all the fat cut off.  Not cheap but I only have two at a time.  The tomato will be canned chopped tomatoes (better flavour now) and I like to bubble them until they are thoick and gooey.  Yum!
SW:  free

L:  apple, orange and Mullerlight
A light lunch on weighday!
SW:  one syn for the yogurt

D:  spiced orange chicken, pepper tomato and mushroom stir fry; stewed apple and natural yogurt
The chicken should really be turkey steak but I just have chicken.
SW:  the stewed apple is my heB

Ss:  fruit, hot milk (heA)

Weigh-in tonight.  As far as I can tell, it will be small but steady.  Fingers crossed.


  1. Morning Joy. I've discovered I prefer chopped tinned toms to whole ones - they seem more satisfying. I also really like them with a crumbled stock cube or bit of Marmite stirred in before bubbling until thick.

    Your stir fry sounds yum. Fingers crossed for weigh in and another 1.5 lbs off!

    1. That sounds good. I've never added Marmite but I was brought up on Marmite so it's a favourite flavour. Thanks for the idea and for the good luck.

  2. Lots of our SW members are very annoyed about the fact that all flavours of Muller Lights now have to be synned. I don't like them! I'd rather use the 5-7 syns now and then and have a Muller Bliss corner (whipped Greek yogurt ...yummy)!
    I like the sound of Sooz's marmite tomatoes. Must try that one.