Thursday 15 November 2018

Thursday, 15-11-18

Good morning.  Back to normal again now - better, in fact as the new router is much faster.

It felt very odd not posting my meal plans so let's get straight to it.

B:  bacon, egg, 'fried' bread and sausage
A favourite breakfast and all the protein makes it filling.  I spray the slice of bread and then brown it in the pan - it crisps up like fried bread rather than like toast.  And this might make devoted 'full English' fans wince, but I only fry one side - that's just a family thing that dates right back to childhood.
SW: half a healthy extra B

L:  fruit and yogurt.
As it is weigh day, I try to keep the meals light without missing any out.  Fruit and yogurt fitsthe bill nicely.
SW:  free

D:  I'll most likely make that 'dirty' rice earlier in the day so I can re-heat it after group, although I only have beef mince, not pork so it will taste a bit different, and I inted adding more vegetables than the recipe asks. 
I'll let you know about the rice.
SW:  free

Ss:   I fancy splashing out on a hot choccy drink made using heated milk and Sweet Freedom liquid chocolate (a recent discovery) to enjoy after thr group this evening
SW:  the milk is a healthy extra A and the Sweet Freedom will be 4 syns

There's some changes afoot in Slimming World, a result of developments in nutritional thinking and understanding.  These were supposed to have been revealed in the New Year but I gather they were leaked (is nothing sacred nowadays? ) so SW decided to release some info about them now to slow down speculation and, maybe, worry.

Oh, my word, the fuss on Facebook!!!  You'd have thought they had announced the end of the world!  I know that, generally, change is not a popular thing but really!

I'll tell you about them when I make any necessary changes (from what I have seen, there will be hardly any) and that won't be until after the New Year when I get the new 'handbook' with full information.  Until then, I will happily continue to plan and eat as I have been!

Fingers crossed for tonight.


  1. Good morning Joy,
    I hope the weigh in goes well and that the changes to diets aren't too radical or confusing.
    Whatever you are doing seems to be working well. Maybe it's a ploy to sell more books!
    What is “hot sauce” in the stuffed pepper recipe?
    I asked my husband what he thought your “random terrified pepper” looked like and he came back with an eagle with spread wings; interesting what different people perceive isn’t it.

    1. Hi, Sue.
      I would imagine it is something like Lea and Perrins or maybe chilli sauce - whatever you fancy, in fact. I already had the mince cooked and in the freezer so I used that.
      That is interesting - I must take another look. I love different perspectives!
      I don't think it is a marketing ploy - the changes aren't really those sort.