Monday 18 February 2019

Recipe: fully loaded wedges

. . . or, as it turned out, fully loaded wedges with extra cheese, extra veg, fresh tomatoes instead of canned and some chips because I forgot to cut all of the potato as wedges.

From Mar/Apr Slimming World magazine, p 16 - adapted a fair bit to work with what I had in!

What I did.
I cooked the wedges the SW way; par-boiling them for five minutes, then spraying with oil and roasting.

The sauce was as follows
Fry some chopped onion, pepper, mushroom and a couple of old, rather wizened baby corn in fry light until softened.  Then add some fresh tomatoes, quartered (I had some old ones and some freebies from last week's raffle).  Add a squidge of garlic puree, some tomato puree, some Lea and Perrins and a touch of salt and pepper, cover and simmer on very low for about ten minutes or so until everything is soft.  Taste and adjust seasonings as needed.  Then add some cooked and shredded chicken and mix it in well.

The topping was natural yogurt with a bit of garlic puree and some of my cajun spice mixed in and it was lovely - I shall make that again as a dipping sauce for chips.  To think I almost didn't bother with it because of the cheese!

To put it all together, I put the cooked wedges around a dish with some sea salt, spooned in the hot sauce, sprinkled over 30g grated cheddar and drizzled over the yogurt topping.

And it was absolutely delicious.

SW:  one syn for the cheese


  1. This looks really nice, Joy. I'm very surprised at some of the meals you can eat on SW. I shall definitely give this one a try.

    1. As I was eating it, I thought exactly the same - a wonderful dish for a weight loss plan. Adaptable too. You could use spice on the wedges, make the sauce in quite a different way, use different cheese and a different yogurt drizzle sauce.
      I've got some super meals lined up over the next ten days or so, all from or adapted from magazines. It shows a healthy diet doesn't need to be either boring or expensive although having enough time really does help.