Tuesday 12 February 2019

Instant Pot recipe: mushroom risotto

I've been looking around for Instant Pot recipes that are also Slimming World friendly and not American.  I can't be fussed with packages of unknown/unavailable ingredients and cups of this, that and the other.
So I've decided that each time I make an Instant Pot recipe that works for me, I'll post it as a separate entry.  It will help me find them more quickly and might help others as well.
I won't steal.  I will post links when necessary and, if I adapt, I will say what I've done.

I made this yesterday after the Instant pot was delivered an hour or so earlier and after a quick jog through the instructions.  It was very quick to pick up, despite the many buttons!

Mushroom risotto.
I found the recipe on Cassie's Frugal Family blog and here it is.  
It is syn free (I added some finely grated cheddar cheese for my healthy extra), very simple and straightforward and the more frugal pudding (short grain) rice would do just as well as arborio rice.
I also added some baby corn and left out the spinach because I had one and not t'other.

Cass' recipe says it is two portions.  I couldn't manage half of it so was able to freeze two portions of a third each.


  1. I saw this on Cass's blog and it really does look delicious. Definitely one to make! My weight is up and down like the proverbial which is aggravating but totally my fault. Am knuckling down this week to get back on track. I only have 4lbs left to go and it is always the last few pounds that are hardest to shift, I find. You seem to be doing really well - good on you!

    1. Only 4 lbs - wow, that's is so, so close it's almost scary.
      It really is worth the making, it was delicious and also very adaptable, always a good thing for me.
      Good luck with the next few weeks!