Thursday 21 February 2019

Thursday, 21-02-19

Good morning!

Yesterdays photo diary.

Breakfast was yogurt and fruit.

Orzo and tomato soup (and I also had an apple)

 A whoppa of a dinner: bacon and egg burgers with spicy wedges (and colesalw)

. . . and it was so delicious!  Too much though - I didn't need the coleslaw.  I know next time.

(and I have one burger left and in the freezer now, so I can have it again or in a different form)

I also had three Becks (six syns)

I'ver already posted the soup recipe as I made it and I'll post a resume of the burger recipe later on.

Today's plans:
B:  marmite on toast
Just because . . . yum!
SW:  a bit of healthy extra A for the cheese spread on the toast and one B for the toast.

L:  yogurt and fruit
The usual weigh-day lunch
SW: free

D:  sloppy Joe pasta bake, salad leaves
Today is tricky because it's SW group so dinner is late.  Really I need something I can just heat up so I will adapt this from the Simming World magazine for Jan/Feb, p.54
It's a bit of a cheat because I will spice up some savoury mince I already have in the freezer and make the macaroni topping with the pasta with melted cheese spread as a sauce.  I'll bake it in the afternoon and reheat in the microwave in the evening
I found a YS bag of posh salad leaves that was reduced to 7p - and it's in great condition still after a couple of days so that really was a find.
SW:  the cheese is the rest of my healthy extra A

Ss:  none


  1. What a yummy food day! Both yesterday and today, that is. Good luck for weigh in tonight.

    1. Thanks, Sooze - as always, my fingers are very crossed!