Saturday 16 February 2019

Saturday, 14-02-19

Good morning.

Today's plans
B:  natural yogurt and fruit
I'm using my own yogurt which is really nice and much better value than all but the very cheapest bought yogurt.
SW:  free

L:  veg soup, bread to dunk, apple
I'm not sure how to make the soup yet.  Probably I will use chopped tomatoes as a base and throw in all sorts of bits and bobs Dad has around.
SW:  healthy extra B for the bread.

D:  lamb, mash, kale and sprouts, Mullerlight
Lots of green veg in this meal and I slow cook the lamb so it is very tender and melt-in-the-mouth
SW:  one syn for the yogurt

Ss:  milky choccy drink and cheese to nibble - two syns and both my healthy extra As

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