Wednesday 6 February 2019

Recipe (sort of): beans and sausage-balls, SW free

OK, not really a recipe but I did this this morning and it was very nice, much nicer than it should have been by the sound of it so here you are, for your consideration!

Beans and sausage-balls.

The background is that I got a SW pork, squash and sage sausage out of the freezer on Monday evening and thawed it in the fridge.  However, I had neither time nor inclination for breakfast on Tuesday so it HAD to be used today (Wednesday)

half a can of baked beans (a value range is absolutely fine because it's all spiced up)
one sausage
a sploosh of tomato puree
a pinch of cajun spice

Take the skin off the sausage, cut the sausage into six bits and roll each bit into a ball.
Pop everything into an appropriately sized saucepan, stir well and heat slowly.  When simmering, allow to gently really simmer for about ten minutes, stirring now and again.  This is all you need to cook the sausage-balls.

I loved this - I'm definitely being converted to those SE sausages, as long as they are cooked in certain ways - baking them in the oven doesn't really work for me.
You can use other sausages and other spices but I used what I had and, done this way, it is SW free and filled me up perfectly.  You could use larger amount, it would still be SW free.

I will definitely be doing this one again, without any doubt.


  1. Great idea, Joy, both for the sausage and spicing up cheap beans. We like Branston beans if we're having them as a main event, on toast for breakfast or lunch, eg, but I buy cheap beans for other purposes. Some of them don't taste particularly good, or have very little taste at all (Lidl Newgate beans spring to mind), but with added spices or herbs or other flavorings, even a squirt of tomato puree and a dash of Worcester sauce, they're absolutely fine.

    1. Yes, I agree. I always zing up baked beans a bit anyway and it means I can use the cheaper ones and they taste great. Also, letting them gently bubble a bit longer thickened them down a bit and that was nice.