Monday 25 February 2019

Tuesday, 26-02-19

Good morning.

Yesterday's photo diary:

Breakfast:  English breakfast wrap - a pain in the bum to eat but it tasted great!

Lunch:  feel-good fishcakes with a lemony dressing and salad.

Dinner:  burger on a bowl with chips and a yogurt garlic dip/dressing

Today's recipe challenge menu.
B:  beans on toast
Simple and filling as well.
SW:  one healthy extra B for the bread, half a healthy extra A for some dairylea spread on the toast

L:  savoury/loaded rice with grated cheese.
Today is a bit tricky, meal-wise, as I'm out this evening, so I'm having my main meal midday and, as I'm out in the morning too, it's a home cooked meal but from the freezer, not from a magazine.
SW:  The rest of my healthy extra As for the grated cheese

D:  Easy pea soup from EasyCook, p41, piece of fruit
Really just a snack before going to see My Fair Lady at the local theatre.  Not too stodgy or I would fall asleep!
SW:  free

Ss:  hopefully none because it's such a busy day I won't have time for any snacks!  That's the hope, anyway.  I might have a banana when I come in from the show.

I've started thinking about the next 'challenge'.  In many ways, I'd love to carry on with the recipe one because I'm having some great meals, the new Good Food and EasyCook magazines are due out any day and I still have loads of recipes on my existing list.
However, my freezer is getting chock-a-block with portions I have had to freeze as they were too big or because reducing the recipe to just one was too awkward in terms of ingredients so the next challenge has to be 'eat from my freezer'.
I will go back to the magazine recipe challenge though, because it's working so very well for me.

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