Thursday 14 February 2019

Thursday, 14-02-19

Good morning!

Yesterday's photo diary

Breakfast:  corned beef hash with mushrooms and egg.  It was very nice although I have to admit, without the egg the hash would have been pretty dry.  Made for lunch or dinner, I'd have added some grated cheese.

Lunch was at a friend's.  She made smoked haddock and spinach egg pots and it was delicious, giving me one healthy extra A and my B as well.   I have the recipe.  :-)

Dinner was a ready meal;.  The SW/Iceland chilli.  I was disappointed that there was no rice - you have to have rice with chilli.  So I added some from the freezer and then it was way too much so I have another portion waiting for dinner tonight
OK-ish, but I bet it will be nicer when I use the recipe to make it at home.

I also had a banana and three Beck's Blues.  Oh, and a Mullerlight, I almost forgot that.

Today's food:
B:  porridge with fruit and yogurt
SW:  One healthy extra A and one B

L:  yogurt and fruit
The usual weighday lunch and very nice it is too
SW:  one syn for the yogurt

D:  The rest of the chilli and rice from yesterday
Halves the cost which has to be a good thing
SW:  free

Ss:   I'm short on one healthy extra A so a choccy milky drink for two syns

Fingers crossed!


  1. I love corned beef hash but make it so it isn't dry. I fry light an onion until really soft and boil the potatoes and squish them with a drop of milk, salt and pepper then mash everything up together in an oven proof dish and pop under the grill to crisp the top. I suppose one can put a little cheese on top, as well.

    1. That sounds lovely, thanks vry much, Julia.