Saturday 23 February 2019

Instant pot recipe: egg custard

I found the link to this recipe on the Facebook Instant Pot page (or is it a group?) and thought maybe it could be optimised.
Here's the original recipe:

The only 'naughty' thing in this recipe is the sugar; the eggs are free and the milk could be part of a healthy extra.  I looked up the sugar and 50g is ten syns so no way!  Stevia?  Would it work?  Well, maybe; the only way to find out was to give it a whirl and see.

What I used:
one whole egg and one egg yolk
180mls semi skimmed milk
just under 1 tbsp stevia
half tsp vanilla
a sprinkle of salt
ground nutmeg

What I did
Basically, what the recipe said.
Whisk together the eggs, stevia, and spices, then add the milk and whisk to smoothness.  Pour into two ramekins, leaving a bit of headroom.

Put the trivet (provided with the IP) in the bottom of the inner bowl and pour in one cup of water.
Cover each ramekin with foil and place carefully on the trivet.

Make sure the vent knob is set to sealing/pressure cook/8 minutes and when it's done, do a quick manual release.

Uncover and allow to cool a bit.

The resulting custard was beautifully set with just a gentle wobble - Mary Berry would be proud of me.  I didn't use enough stevia so next time I will try 1.5 tbsp instead.  A bit more nutmeg would have been good too plus a grating over the top.  I dearly love nutmeg.
However, it was a beautiful texture and well worth the making.  I made two with the above ingredients and have had one, just warm, with some of my breakfast fruit, thoroughly enjoying it.  The other I will chill and see what it's like later on.

Another for my list of things to make again!


  1. I'm keeping my eye out for a good offer on an instant pot.

    1. I bet you will love it! I think it's one of those gadgets that could easily sit in the corner unless one plans to use it, if you see what I mean.