Wednesday 13 February 2019

Instant Pot: shredded chicken

I've been looking around for Instant Pot recipes that are also Slimming World friendly and not American in format.  I can't be fussed with packages of unknown/unavailable ingredients and cups of this, that and the other.
So I've decided that each time I make an Instant Pot recipe that works for me, I'll post it as a separate entry.  It will help me find them more quickly and might help others as well.
I won't steal.  I will post links when necessary and, if I adapt, I will say what I've done.

This isn't a recipe, it's just something that you can do and it was so easy and trouble free I though I'd share.

Sometimes recipes call for cooked, shredded chicken and it's a useful thing to have for sandwiches, wraps, pizas, etc.  The sliced stuff you get from the deli doesn't really cut the mustard for me.

I had four large, happy chicken breast fillets that had to be used up as they were half price on YS.  I had already seen this idea on Cass' blog, Diary of a Frugal Family so when the Instant Pot arrived on the same day as I bought the chicken, it was a no-brainer really.

Cass explains the method on her post (link above) so, to summarise, you add some stock and seasoning (I used a stock pot some chicken stock granules as I think they go well together), pop in the chicken, set the pot and away it goes.  You can leave it to do its thing and when you go back in about half an hour, hey presto, it's finished, depressurised and is just waiting for you to lift out the chicken and deal with it.

I shredded the lot, added some of the stock and froze it in six good sized individual portions - well, five really as I had one portion in a cheesy sauce last night!

Keep the stock - it is useful for soups and other dishes where chicken stock is required.  There's totally no waste in this idea which makes it a keeper in my book!


  1. That sounds a fantastic idea, Joy. So the Instant Pot is a sort of pressure cooker?

    1. It's a pressure cooker and a slow cooker, depending on the settings. You can also saute in it.

    2. LOL - It certainly is. I just hope I can get the best use from it.