Sunday 24 February 2019

Sunday, 24-02-19

Good morning!
Isn't February going fast?  Only five more days, including today.

Just look at this!

As I was wandering around Morrisons looking for some more of the cans of chickpea dahl, a shop assistant walked over to a shelf close by with loads of fresh and reduced stuff.  Of course, I had to have a good look and got first pick.
The salads will be great over the next few days (already have been, in fact), the sweet potato 'waffles' (which I would never, ever normally buy) have gone into the freezer, the pomegranite seeds went on the pineapple salsa for yesterday's dinner - some of them - and I'll have the rest with yogurt.  I had to look up what padron peppers are and I got them because I was intrigued; I'd never seen them before.  It seems that they are a bit Russian roulette with about one in six being extremely hot while the rest are milder and flavoursome.  Hmmm - maybe the safest thing is to chop them all up and freeze them to use as and when in things like chilli, curry, salsa, etc..
Anyway - that was £7.25's worth of fresh and healthy food for just 38p.  That never happens to me but it did yesterday and will help me to be more frugal over the next few days.

Yesterday's photo diary

Breakfast:  on an impulse, I made a couple of egg custards in the instant pot (and there's a separate post about it).  I had one, topped up with my breakfast fruit, and it was a clear success.  I had the rest of the fruit with yogurt and that was lovely too.  I felt I had feasted very well.

Lunch, and with all that salad to choose from, I didn't bother with the coleslaw.  It was such a lovely lunch and colourful too.

Dinner was also delicious.  Cajun turkey steak with pineapple salsa, jazzed up leftover rice and more salad instead of the planned broccoli
I'll have that again, for sure.

I also had some fruit and some Beck's Blues.

Today's Magazine Recipe Challenge menu:
B:  the other egg custard from yesterday, topped with fruit and yogurt.  I was very noble and refrained from having it yesterday!
SW:  half a healthy extra A for the milk in the custard.

L:  potato rosti with smoked salmon, salad
This is the first of two mag recipes, taken from the current Slimming World, p 67.  There's no need to adapt apart from using yogurt instead of fromage frais
SW:  this does contain a little bit of flour but such a negligible amount (a quarter of a syn or less) that it doesn't really count so I'm not bothering**.  Also one syn for two tbsp M&S reduced fat salad dressing - which is really nice.
(**edit:  No it isn't, it's one syn per portion, not for the whole lot, sorry)

D:  salmon and veg traybake
Another from Slimming World, this time the Nov/Dec issue, p 37.  I do seem to have 'salmon' days, don't I?
This one has roasted beetroot which I've heard good things about but never done myself.  It also has kale, whick I don't have, so I will use a bit of frozen spinach instead or just forget about it!
SW:  free

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