Saturday 9 February 2019

Saturday, 09-02-19

Good morning!
Was there a problem with my Friday post?  I only ask because usually I get comments about SW results and not only were there not many readers, there were no comments.  It's not a problem for me, I'm just puzzled. 
(Mind you, it doesn't take much to confuse me, most of the time)

I have a lovely friend staying over for a few days so meals may not be entirely SW or all that frugal although I will do my best. 

Today's food plans.
B:  fruit and yogurt
I have a pineapple, a real, live pineapple, to use up so we will have that with some yogurt for breakfast (my friend will also have some toast - I won't starve her!)
SW:  free

L:  fish and chips
OK, not SW and not frugal but we're off to Southend for the day and you HAVE to have fish and chips at Southend, don't you.
SW:  er . . . no.  Just no!  :-)

D:  not sure yet.  It will be something light, I am sure.  Soup, maybe, or a salad or perhaps a jacket potato.  Something easy anyway.
SW:  yes, it will fit with the plan but the whole structure will take a nose-dive today

It should be fun!


  1. No, no problem Joy, I think I commented on the weight loss on your other blog? The problem is mine - I'm aware I'm a bit of a bad commenter, not because I don't read the blogs - I do - but because I don't always have time to both read AND comment, and I feel if I'm going to comment on one person's blog, then I should comment on ALL the blogs I read. As you have more than one blog (as I do), then sometimes, if time is short, I may only comment on one, then swiftly move on to other people's blogs, so as to do everything in one go, so to speak.

    Also, unfortunately, there is the continuing problem of sometimes getting a link to a pornographic site when I click either on a link or the comment box on your blog - it happened again this time. I know others have mentioned the same problem and I guess that might put some people does me a bit. I know it's not your fault, Joy, and I have no idea why it happens....perhaps you could get Alex to have a look at it for you the next time he's home? Youngsters are so much more savvy when it comes to tech stuff, aren't they?!

    1. I didn't think the problem was with this blog but with the other one. That's a real nuisance! I've had it looked at this end and it's not me, it's t'other end and Blogger doesn't reply to my concerns.
      Maybe I will have to move the other blog else where but I'm reluctant to do that really.
      It wasn't a worry and certainly not one specifically with you, it was just a puzzle really.
      Thanks for letting me know there wasn't an issue with the post!

    2. Sorry Joy, you're right, it wasn't this blog that showed up the porno link just now, it was your other one...I'd read both and went to reply on the other one first, but the link put me off so I came straight over to this one.

    3. Phew, thanks for letting me know. That's a relief anyway.

  2. your food plans look delicious.
    have a great weekend

    1. Thanks, Tanza - and the same to you too.