Thursday 14 February 2019

Instant Pot: cooking rice

I've been looking around for Instant Pot recipes that are also Slimming World friendly and not American in format.  I can't be fussed with packages of unknown/unavailable ingredients and cups of this, that and the other.
So I've decided that each time I make an Instant Pot recipe that works for me, I'll post it as a separate entry.  It will help me find them more quickly and might help others as well.
I won't steal.  I will post links when necessary and, if I adapt, I will say what I've done.

Rice has always been a bit of a sticking point with me (literally!)  I never seemed to get it right, always over or under cooked it, added too much water or not enough . . . frustrating.

Until Thermione (my Thermomix).  Now I bung rice in the simmering basket, add seasoned water, set it and away it coes.  Perfect rice every time and no sticking whatsoever.

However, I thought I would try it in the Instant Pot.  The water:rice proportions are 1:1 so in went a cup of rice and a cup of water with a bit of salt (a cup is the minimum amount of liquid you must have and a cup of rice makes three portions for me).
It's so little water because there's very little, if any, evaporation.

So, in it went and the Pot was set to High Pressure/4 minutes.  That's not the total time, there's the heating up (not sure how long) and the de-pressurising afterwards (ten minutes and it shows on the dial how long it's been depressurising) to take into account.

And the results.  No 100%.  The rice was certainly cooked nicely but had stuck a bit.  To be fair, that might have been my fault because, looking at other sources of info, I think I should have rinsed the rice beforehand, thus adding a little more water to the pot and eliminating the starch.

So my conclusion is that I will stick with Thermione when I am making a small amount of rice as it's perfect.  However, for larger amounts, I will certainly use the Pot, ditto if I'm making up a rice recipe.  Must try my savoury rice done that way.

Also, I quite like brown rice and wild rice but never seem to cook it long enough - I really dislike hard rice.  I reckon the Pot will do a good job with these and will buy some and give it a go soon.  Watch this space!

(my thanks to Google Images for the photos)

I tried again,  rinsing the rice well and with a bit more water.  I still prefer it done in Thermione, to be honest.

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