Tuesday 12 February 2019

Tuesday, 12-02-19

Good morning!

Yesterday's photo diary.
Breakfast was a yogurt.  No need for a photo!

Lunch was a corned beef salad wrap with coleslaw.  I mashed the corned beef (half a can of leaner corned beef) with a bit of mango chutney which worked well.

And dinner was mushroom risotto.  It was lovely - I could only eat about two thirds of what's in the photo.  As what I had made was supposed to be two portions, I now have two portions for the freezer.

I also had some fruit, some Becks Blue and a milky choccy drink (to have all my healthy extra As).  I'm getting quite fond of this way of getting my As and it makes a thick, comforting bedtime drink for just two syns (using one of the Options range of choccy flavours).

I made the risotto in my new toy.  I've succumbed to the current trend and treated myself to an Instant Pot and I'm glad I did.  I can see it becomeing my second favourite kitchen gadget (after Thermione).

I got the recipe from Cassie's Frugal Family blog and here it is.  It is syn free (I added some cheese for my healthy extra) and dead easy, even for someone who had taken the thing out of its box just an hour before!
I also added some baby corn and left out the spinach because I had one and not t'other.

Today's plans:
B:  fruit and yogurt
I don't like to eat anything too heavy before pottery class because it's mostly sitting and leaning over the work.
SW:  one syn if I have a Mullerlight

L:  home made soup - either bean and veg or tomato - with grated cheese
Both are very filling, nourishing and frugal.  What's not to love?  :-)
SW:  the soup will be free and the cheese will be one syn

D:  cheesy chicken, carrot and parsnip chips, sprouts
Simple and tasty.  I shall use some of my cajun spice mix on the veg chips and the cheesy chicken will be some shredded chicken breast (see below) with some dairylea melted over it.  Should be tasty
SW:  One healthy extra A for the cheese

Ss:  choccy milky drink (the other heathy extra A and two syns), fruit, yogurt (one syn each).  I'm short of a healthy extra B - must think of something.

Sorry - a long post today and there's just one more thing to say.  As I needed some fresh veg, I popped into Morrisons and was delighted to see that they had some kind chicken breasts for half price (end of date) so I got them, cooked them in the Instant Pot and now I have six good portions of cooked and shredded chicken to use in things like pitta piza, wraps, quesadillas, with pasta and, as tonight, with some melded cheese spread.  Definitely more frugal as well as SW friendly!


  1. Your new Instant Pot got me reading all the reviews on Amazon.
    I wanted to read about your other appliance too but couldn't find it on Amazon.
    Can you tell me its official name please.
    I put in Thermidor but got nowhere. It could be my mistake though. Mornings are not my best time unlike you! Sue

    1. It is called an Instant Pot. Enter Instant Pot Duo V2 on Amazon and it should take you there, fingers crossed.
      Yes, I'm very definitely a morning person although I hang around in bed clothes for ages! Morning in mind but not in style. :-)