Wednesday 20 February 2019

Wednesday, 20-02-19

Good morning!

Yesterday's photo diary

Breakfast: pineapple and yogurt

Lunch:  tomato soup in a flask

. . . and smoked salmon pate with vegetable batons - so delicious eaten in the open air.

Dinner was pasta with salmon and peas - tasty and filling too.

Today's Magazine Menu is . . .
B:  natural yogurt and fresh fruit
I've just sorted out my fridge and I have plenty of fruit so today it will be strawberries, blueberries and grapes - nice!
SW:  free

L:  orzo and tomato soup
Optimised from February's BBC Good Food, p 36, I have cut out the olive oil, the basil pesto and the crusty bread.  No hardship apart from the bread; the oil can be subbed and I dislike basil anyway!
SW:  free although if I have a roll or pitta to dunk, I will have to syn it as I'm using my B for dinner.

D:  bacon and egg burger with spicy wedges, taken from the most recent Slimming World magazine, p46
Hmmm - I will need to get some mince for this as I don't think turkey mince will wing it really.  Never mind, it isn't as if it's a 'one off' ingredient and something I won't use ever again!  Reading through the menu, it does look delicious so fingers crossed.  Thje wedges are sweet potato wedges - lovely!
SW:  one healthy extra B for the wholemeal roll

Ss:  some Beck's blue (2 syns per bottle), milky drink, fruit.  I'm short on the health extra As but I am having that yogurt first thing and I know that is good for calcium so I'm not stressing.


  1. Mmm, menu sounds good today Joy, especially the burger. Oh, and I love basil!

    1. I know I'm a minority - most people are like you and love it. I can't stand leaf coriander either; it tastes 'soapy'.
      I'm looking forward to that burger, I have to admit! :-)

  2. Love the sound of all your meals, you ought yo open a restaurant

    1. < chuckle > I think it would be far too much like hard work!