Monday 25 February 2019

Recipe: potato rosti with smoked salmon

This can be found in March/April's Slimming World magazine, p 67.

I did make a few changes so I will describe what I used and did and what I will change next time.

Ingredients for one:
200g floury potatoes, peeled and coarsely grated.
1/4 small onion, coarsely grated
1/2 level tbsp plain flour (should have been SR flour, I now realise and that's one syn)
1 medium egg, beaten
fry light
25g fat free yogurt
pinch of dried dill (to taste)
a squidge of garlic puree (to taste)
a bit of lemon zest and juice (to taste)
50g smoked salmon

Salad to serve

For the rosti:
Mix the grated onion and potato, place in a dry cloth and squeeze as much liquid out as you can.
Place in a bowl and use a fork to separate the potato/onion strands.
Mix in the flour, season and stir in the egg.
Next time I will use my processor to grate the potato and onion; it took longer than I expected and the dishwasher will sort out any mess.

I sprayed a smallish frying pan, heated over a medium heat, added the mixture and flttened it out with the back of  fork.  Then I fried it for quite a lot longer than the recipe said until I was happy with the underneath colour.  Then, to avoid the hassle of turning out onto a plate and returning it the other way, I popped the pan under a medium grill (watch the handle) to cook and brown the top.  This worked well but I gave it plenty of time - I didn't want to eat half raw potato strands!
Next time, instead of using a pan, I will shape on a baking sheet with parchment, maybe using my crumpet rings to shape into smaller circles, and bake in a moderate oven.  Easier!

I made the drizzle sauce by mixing the yogurt, dill, lemon juice and zest and the garlic puree, using the add and taste, add and taste strategy.

Finally, when the rosti was cooked, I topped it with the smoked salmon and drizzled over the sauce.  There was enough left over to dress the salad too.  I think it would also make a delicious dip for SW chips.

Well worth the time it took - it was delicious


  1. It sounds delicious. I love the looks and descriptions of several of your recent recipes.
    Can one buy Slimming World magazines or is it members only?
    I use a frying pan with a detachable handle so I can use it on the hob, in the oven or under the grill. It's wonderful for recipes such as tortillas. When I try to turn them out they always collapse!
    I'm sure that you will have lost weight this week; you sound so determined.

    1. One can. It's cheaper if you buy it in group but it's also available in newsagents and supermarkets.
      I have detachable gabdlkes too. Is it the Tefal Ingenio range?

      I've had a wonderful time with the magazine recipe challenge. I never realised it would all taste so good and be so interesting! Thanks very much.

  2. I can't answer that at the moment because I am away from home. I think it is a le creuset one that I bought on special offer. It's an excellent piece of equipment.
    I even take it away when we going to self catering cottages.

    1. Le Creuset stuff is brilliant! No wonder it is your favourite!