Monday 18 February 2019

Monday, 18-02-19 (updated)

Good morning.

Magazine week starts but, silly me, as I'm still away, I don't have my meal planning with me and can't remember what today's magazine meal actually is.  I have a feeling it is lunch and dinner so will update this later once I get home.  Luckily, it is half term so I don't have to go to Knitter Knatter Club, or help out in FS and there's no tuition, meaning that there's plenty of time to make whatever it is I have planned.


B:  yogurt and fruit
As yesterday and it'll probably be a Mullerlight and that will be the last of the freebies.  Phew.  Looking forward to having more of my own, home made yogurt again, especially as I am told you can make yogurt in it - it certainly has a yogurt button.
SW:  one syn if I have a Mullerlight

L:  SW tomato soup and bread to dunk
From the freezer, made a few weeks ago
SW  one healthy extra B for the bread

D:  fully loaded wedges (SW magazine, March/April, p 16), small side salad maybe
The first of my Magazine meals, it needs cooked and shredded chicken which, of course, I have, after cooking those YS breasts in the instant pot last week.  Excellent.
I'll r5eport back.
SW:  the cheese will be one healthy extra A, the rest is free

Ss:  choccy-milky drink (2 syns and the other A), Beck's Blue (2 syns per bottle)


  1. Cooking and shredding the chicken breasts and then freezing is a good idea....I might steal that!

    1. Please do - it's a really useful thing to have in the freezer.