Wednesday 27 February 2019

Recipe: feel-good fishcakes

Original recipe found in EasyCook (February), p. 17

What I did.

Ingredients to make seven cakes
(an awkward amount but that's what it made allowing 60g of mixture for each cake)
For the fishcakes
300g potatoes, peeled, cut into chunks, cooked and mashed (or the equivalent in mash leftovers)
1 x 120g can sardines in water or brine, drained
some chopped parsley or dill
juice of half a lemon (I used bottled and estimated)
some seasoned flour - you don't need much

For the dressing
scant tbsp mayo
1 tbsp natural yogurt
lemon juice
a squidge of garlic puree
parsley or dill

spray oil

mixed salad to serve

Place the mash, the sardines, the herbs and lemon juice in a bowl with seasoning to taste, mix well, shape into fishcakes (mine were 60g fishcakes) and dust lightly with plain flour.  Chill until needed

Spray each fishcake with fry light or the equivalent and gently fry on both sides until golden and crisping up.

Mix together the dressing ingredients.

Serve with the lemony dressing and a salad.

This amount was supposed to make enough for two portions but easily made enough for three portions, assuming two cakes per portion so the rest went in the freezer for other meals.

They were OK and I enjoyed them!  I'm not sure parsley was the best herb so next time I will use dill and I think this recipe would work really well with tuna or even tinned salmon.  Less frugal though!


  1. I love homemade fishcakes. Not tried them using sardines before, one to remember.

    1. The nice thing about them is that they are very easily adapted - different fish, different herbs, different veg added - I like flexible.

  2. I suppose you could substitute the sardines for salmon.