Thursday 7 February 2019

Thursday, 07-02-19

Good morning.

Yesterday's photo diary, seeing as remember to take some photos.

Breakfast:  beans and sausageballs ('recipe' posted separately!

Lunch:  amazing how much a little salad can look like, isn't it?

Dinner:  loadsa veg!

Plus satsumas, a Mullerlight and two Beck's Blues

Today's menu!
B:  beans on toast, apple
. . . as I have half a can of baked beans to finish off
SW:  a bit of a healthy extra A for the cheese spread I have on the toast which will be my healthy extra B

L:  yogurt, apple, orange
The usual weighday lunch
SW:  either free or one syn depending on what sort of yogurt I have

D:  It's a taster night at SW group this evening so that will have to do me.  It's supposed to be all free foods and I'm taking syn free dirty rice.
SW:  free as near as makes no difference

Ss:  I have to have the rest of my healthy extra A so I'll have a nibble of cheese and I'll probably have a couple of Becks Blues for two syns each.

Becks Blue is an alcohol free beer (not beer free alcohol as I said to someone by mistake!) that's really not bad at all.  Remember Kaliber?  Well, it is absolutely nothing like that, it's light and beery and refreshing and I've become quite fond of it.  Best of all, it's only two syns a bottle.


  1. I tried Becks Blue at a party recently and very much enjoyed it. We bought Bitburger Drive for birthday celebrations last week, that's very nice too, as you put it nice and beery.

    1. I've not come across the other but I'll keep my eyes open for it. Thanks.

  2. Good luck for weigh in tonight. Enjoy the taster evening - your dirty rice sounds good.

    1. Thanks, Soozer.
      I've just finished cooking the rice - all I need to do is reheat the mince mixture, add the cooked rice and make sure it's all piping hot. Then I will put it in a flask to stay hot.