Wednesday 20 February 2019

Recipe: pasta with salmon and peas

This is an adaptable, leftovers type recipe which was in Good Food magazine and which I adapted to work with what I had in.

cooked pasta (any kind)
cooked salmon
cooked peas
(I cooked the peas, wrapped the salmon in foil and steamed it over the peas)
half a tube of Primula light cheese spread (or the equivalent)
mushrooms, chopped
spray oil
a squidge of garlic

Assemble the cooked pasta, peas and salmon, flaked into chunks).  If you can reserve some of the pasta cooking water, do so.
In a pan, spray some oil and sizzle the mushrooms.  Add the peas and the garlic and stir them round for a minute.  Then add the pasta and mix it all gently, followed by the soft cheese.  Reduce the heal and stir as the cheese melts and makes a sauce.  As it does so, add some of the pasta water (about three tbsp is plenty.
Finally, add the salmon and mix it in very carefully, taste and season, if necessary, and serve piping hot.

SW:  one healthy extra A (more if you use more cheese spread)

It's adaptable - use whatever you have - and would be great for leftover chicken, or ham.  The cheese makes a lovely sauce (the original recipe said creme fraiche  but I didn't have any)


  1. That looks absolutely delicious and I will definitely be cooking it. Thanks!

    1. It is so simple and so very adaptable. I think it would be nice with bits of chicken off a carcass.

  2. I'm going to try this one too. I haven't yet tried making a sauce with the soft cheese so if I'm okay after eating it it will be a good basis for lots of different combinations of food. Allergies are strange things and although I can eat the soft cheese in moderation, it may be a completely different outcome if it is cooked.

    1. I hope you are OK because it was delicious.