Friday 8 December 2017

Recipe: Christmas baked oats

Ingredients for one
(this makes plenty for me; it's very filling)

20g oats
1 medium egg
half a pot mullerlight orange with chocolate sprinkles yogurt
pinch salt
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp allspice
orange and lemon zest
a heaped tsp mincemeat

Heat the oven to about 170C

Mix all the ingredients together and stir well.
Pour the batter into an appropriate sized dish - I use an ovenproof round glass ramekin, a bit larger than the usual ones (Tescos, £1.50 and worth every penny).
Place on a baking tray in case of leakage.
Bake for around 40 mins until lovely and brown.
Tip or spoon out and serve straight away.

I poured the remaining half of the yogurt around it.  It's really delicious!

Not a great photo, sorry!

Next time I will also throw in a few dried cranberries too, for more colour as well as the Festive Flavour.