Thursday 21 December 2017

Recipe (sort of): left over roast dinner stirfry

I had roast beef, carrots and sprouts left over.
To them I added one banana shallot and two mushrooms that were definitely on their last legs.

For the sauce I had a little pot of tomato and red pepper sauce from the freezer (you could use a bit of chopped tomato or passata)and I added to that some Dijon mustard, tomato puree, soy sauce, lime juice and balsamic syrup, all of which I had in fridge or cupboard.

I cut the beef into matchsticks and the sprouts across into thin slices.  The carrots were already in rounds.
The onion was halved and thinly sliced, ditto with the mushrooms.

I also used some spray oil.

Spray the oil into a non-stick pan and heat it.  Add the onion and saute until it is starting to brown, then add the mushroom, then the carrot and sprouts and finally the beef.  Stir it well as it sautes and add a few more sprays of oil, if you wish.

Add the sauce with a splash of water.  When that is simmering, add the remaining ingredients.  Let it bubble and reduce slightly, stirring all the time, before serving.

That's all I did, no extra seasonings of any kind and I wasn't expecting very much, it was just a way of using leftovers, but I wish I'd taken a photo because you know what?  It was flippin' delicious!

So I thought I'd share the idea.


  1. It was surprisingly so. I wasn't expecting much, it was just using up leftovers, so quite a surprise. A very nice one though.