Tuesday 26 December 2017

Boxing Day

. . . and life resumes again after a wonderful day with my wonderful family.  I indulged, but not too much.  I even braved a bit of cheese and got away with it but I'm not taking any more risks and am back to my almost fat free eating from today.

I have leftovers but also not too much apart from turkey.  All the roasties and pigs in blankets went, all the carrots and parsnips went.  There are five sprouts left (and I did loads because I wanted leftovers) and there's a bit of peas and sweet corn left.  Oh, and a bit of vegetarian/gluten free stuffing.  Turkey patties, maybe?

I'm definitely getting better at judging amounts for more people, I think.

For a little while, meals may look more lavish, but they will be leftovers.  Some stuff will have to go in the freezer to avoid waste but, hopefully, not too much and it will all go on the What's-In-The-Freezer list.  Some will be handed around the family.

So, here's today's food plans

B:  porridge with fruit salad and yogurt (loads of fruit salad left over, three cheers)
S:  orange
L:  ham and lentil soup
S:  apple or fruit salad
D:  turkey patties with a lovely big salad and some cranberry sauce on the side.  Fruit salad.

Forget from the freezer.  It will be into the freezer over the next few days, for sure!

The frugal factor
Plenty here, if you count using up leftovers, as I most certainly do.
I shall be making the soup with stock saved from boiling the ham although I might also toss in some turkey stock as well.  It will have some shredded ham too as there's a bit left over.
The turkey patties will be concocted from turkey (obviously), some of the stuffing (instead of potato) and veg - all left over.  The salad isn't leftover as such but it's stuff I got but didn't use.  I shall brush the patties all over with turkey dripping before browning them in a dry pan.  If they work, I will post the recipe.

How did it all go for you?  How are you using up your Christmas leftovers, assuming you have leftovers?

I'm trying to use up the multitude of stuff in the freezer.
I want to make the most of my hard earned pension so am aiming for sensible frugality in my meal planning and making.
I have gall bladder problems, high cholesterol and high blood pressure so am taking myself in hand with low fat, high fruit and veg, generally healthy meals but with plenty of flavour.
Fingers crossed!

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