Friday 29 December 2017

Five Frugal Fings

1.   (probably 1 to 5 but let's call it 1)  The Turkey.  It was well worth the effort it takes to deal with the carcass.  I now have three pots of turkey chunks and two pots of turkey stock (apart from the stock for Christmas 2018).  I had to pot and freeze them in a hurry because of needing to go away but when I defrost each lot, I can make several things and then re-freeze.

2.   I've managed to hand on quite a lot of leftovers.  OK, so I'm not the gainer in money terms but I am in that I haven't thrown out and I have benefited someone else.

3.   When I cooked this year's Christmas ham, the resulting stock was the best I can ever remember.  It set to a jelly, it was full of flavour but not too salty.  I made two soups (one large portion of each, ham and lentil and ham and split pea) and have one more pot in the freezer, probably for another ham and lentil as I so love that.  I'm so glad I didn't just pour that stock down the plughole.

4.   I have resisted the impulse to go shopping.  I'm out of carrots but everything else is still in good supply.  The milk is past date but I know from experience that it is almost always good and sweet for ages after the date on the carton, so no problems.  The longer I can hold off, the better.

5.  I have flatly refused to go 'bargain' shopping.  There's nothing I need and you know what it's like.  You don't know you 'need' it until you see it!  So, no!

So there you go - my five frugal things for this week, mostly food related because this is primarily a frugal food blog.  I'm pleased with how it's going.


  1. Great frugal work. I hate waste so the beds have benefited from some bits and pieces. Some old bread with lots of pork fat on it to keep them warm.

  2. Lucky birds, especially in the sort of weather we have had lately.
    J x