Sunday 10 December 2017

Recipe: banana bread

This is a lovely, simple recipe that produces sheer deliciousness.

I found it on the blog of the now late Shirley Goode (remember her on Pebble Mill, decades ago?).  The recipe was in the comments which now seem to have disappeared so I feel OK about posting it here.

Ingredients: (with apologies for the old fashioned imperial measurements)
3 oz margarine (I suppose butter would do too)
3 oz caster sugar
2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 medium banana, peeled
5 oz SR flour
half tsp cinnamon
half tsp allspice
a pinch of salt

Whisk together the margarine, sugar, eggs, vanilla and banana.  Then fold in the flour, spices and salt.
Bake in a suitably sized loaf tin (the above amount works well with a 1lb loaf tin) at 180C for about 40 to 45 mins - until it's done really so check with a skewer!  I used a paper liner so there was no sticking at all.

Let it cool before slicing and serve either plain or with butter.
That's it!

I adapted it for making in my Thermomix:

Place the margarine, sugar, eggs, vanilla and banana in the bowl and zizz at speed 5-6 for about 10 seconds or so, until it is a batter.

Add the flour, spices and salt and reverse mix at speed 2-3 until the flour in incorporated.  You might need to push down the sides with the spatula.

Bake as above.

There's lots of variations: you could add chocolate or I think some crystallised, chopped ginger would go well, for example.  But it's really lovely just as it comes, very easy, very simple.  Also pretty frugal.  I used value flour and it rose fine.