Friday 15 December 2017

Five Frugal Fings (sorry)

Several blogs have a regular Five Frugal Things thing going so, although I have no idea how to link up to them (they call it a 'linky'!), I thought I might go for something similar.

So here are my five frugal fings (REALLY sorry, I can't help myself).

1.  Sorry to go banging about it, but sorting out my freezer really HAS been a frugal win.  Now I know what and where, I have used things from it every day.  Now I am updating it weekly, I should stay in control too.

2.  You know how it goes.  In mid October (or earlier) the Christmas wrapping paper and Christmas cards appear on the shelves in the shops.  You walk past and, bang, before you know it, some have fallen in your trolley.  Not this year though as I thought I had loads left over from last year (and several years before) and, lo and behold, when I checked so I did!

3.  Another of the reasons I have so many unused cards, apart from just buying too many, is that I've started sending ecards.  There are loads of online places but I use one in particular, the Jacquie Lawson site.  It's not free, there is a yearly subscription, but a reasonable one and her cards are just so lovely it is more than worth it.  It's better for the environment and better for my bank balance.  Win-win!
Take a look.

3.  I had some manky bananas which I turned into two banana loaves, sliced and frozen all ready for coffee over Christmas.

4.  I've sorted out my old magazines and will be taking some over to my Mum who loves reading them too.  OK, this is being frugal for her rather than for me but I like getting more use out of things.

5.  <thinks>  Oh, yes.  The cold and damp weather plus the shorter days means that I haven't been able to dry the washing on the line recently so, rather than use the tumble dryer, I've been draping them on my drying rack.  Makes better use of the central heating rather than spending more on using the dryer and, fortunately, my house isn't a damp place.

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