Saturday 23 December 2017

Christmas Eve

It's all a bit different for the next few days.  I'm not exactly going to forget about frugality and I'm certainly not going to start pigging out.  I don't want to be ill on Christmas Day, after all.   But I'm splashing out just a bit.

B:  scrambled egg on toast
S:  clementine
L:  ham salad
S:  apple
D:  baked camembert with dippy things, cheese, ham, salad, veggie sausage rolls, mince pies, crisps, Christmas muffins, Christmas cake, etc!!!

No, I haven't gone bonkers and I won't be eating most of that but I have my son and his partner, my daughter and my grandson round and they certainly will, one way or another.  I'll probably stick to ham and salad.

From the freezer.
I'll be taking the following out of the freezer in the next few days:
Part cooked roasties and parsnips.
Cranberry sauce
Sausage rolls and veggie sausage rolls
Yarg cheese
Pigs in blankets
Turkey stock
Higgidy pie (for the vegetarian)

I won't be posting in here tomorrow (I wonder why not) so just to say that breakfast will be my Christmas baked oats.  After that it's traditional dinner!

Have a very happy and fun packed Christmas and see you again on Boxing Day when I will be back on the wagon and being very accountable again.


  1. Happy Christmas from NZ. We had a delicious Polish feast last night for Christmas eve, the children are cooking a BBQ today, and then it's a party tomorrow... Not frugal, but fun. Not long til we have to leave now though, so we will eat, drink, be merry, and savour every minute (whether it involves food or not!)

  2. It sounds absolutely fantastic. Have a wonderful time and don't think about it all ending too much until you have to.
    Merry Christmas!
    J x