Wednesday 6 December 2017

Wednesday, 6-12-17

Morning, everyone!
Yesterday turned out more frugal than I though - I forgot to have breakfast (really, I just forgot, not great but there you go) and the soup I made for lunch was enough to last two days as it's very, very filling.

Today's plans:
B:  porridge, fruit and yogurt
S: orange
L:  cottage pie, runner beans
S:  apple
D:   bacon and yellow split pea soup

From the freezer:
mince for cottage pie
runner beans
(I gather it's going to be a lot colder tomorrow so I might turn out my freezer, do an audit of what's in, deal with any impossibly fatty stuff and defrost the poor thing - that would help tremendously)

The frugal factor
The fruit for the porridge is a bit old and needs eating soon or it won't be fit to eat - no waste there!
As yesterday, the mince is pre-cooked and loaded with good things to bulk it out - oats, lentils and veg
The runner beans are from the garden this year
The soup is left over from yesterday, making it twice as frugal as I thought.  I'm still getting used to using yellow split peas which seem to be a great thickening agent as well as flavoursome.

Also I've bought some more yogurt and today I shall set my yogurt maker on again.  A litre of yogurt for the cost of some long life semi-skimmed and a few spoonfuls of the previous batch (in this case, some of the bought yogurt) and it tastes twice as nice for half the price!

I'm trying to use up the multitude of stuff in the freezer.
I want to make the most of my hard earned pension so am aiming for sensible frugality in my meal planning and making.
I have gall bladder problems, high cholesterol and high blood pressure so am taking myself in hand with low fat, high fruit and veg, generally healthy meals but with plenty of flavour.

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